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Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

This Malleable Mimic voodoo doll, generously stuffed with the early spring coat of an organic Spanish moss fed llama, is the cutest and cuddliest way ever devised to harness powerful mystical forces! Reward your friends and family members with blessings and/or subjugate them to various curses and torments, and all with the simple prick of a pin! With the Malleable Mimic in your home, you do the voodoo!

  • INFO
  • Bind the Malleable Mimic to an unsuspecting Sim and use magic to influence their life!
  • Bless the Malleable Mimic to give the bound Sim the new Voodoo Blessing moodlet, and make a Sim’s life even better!
  • Curse the Malleable Mimic to give the bound Sim the new Voodoo Curse moodlet to make things a lot worse!
  • Use the Malleable Mimic to make the bound Sim fall head-over-heels for your Sim with the Cupid’s Arrow interaction! (++LTR, a new Smitten moodlet)
  • Want to torment your bound Sim?  Use a variety of interactions to make their life miserable:
    • Use Wet Pants to make their bladder zero out, Hot Foot to light their toes ablaze, or Pins and Needles for poking and prodding them.
  • Warning: Abusing your power might result in Electrocution or The Cupid’s Wrath!
Voodoo Blessing
Voodoo Curse
Hot Foot!
Poked and Prodded
First Kiss
Cupid’s Wrath
     Bind To…
     Change Bind To…
     Wet Pants
     Hot Foot
     Pins and Needles
     Cupid’s Arrow
     Sort by Function -> Entertainment -> Miscellaneous Entertainment
     Sort by Room -> Study -> Hobbies & Skills
New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

336 SimPoints
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