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Armored Black Dragon

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Baby Dragon

Be scared. Be very a-scared! Nothing says “Stay away… I’m a dark and mysterious loner” like keeping company with an Armored Black Dragon! Tormented by lost souls and never in a good mood, Armored Black Dragons turn “aloof” into an art form. Red Dragons may be able to turn your enemies into crispy toast, but then you don’t get the fun of watching them suffer!

Several different types of dragons can be found in The Sims 3™ Dragon Valley. How you talk to your Dragon Egg can influence your chances of getting a Green, Red, Purple or even the elusive Black Armored Dragon (unlocked exclusively when you own both The Sims 3™ Dragon Valley and The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire Venue).

  • INFO
  • Black Dragons love curses! Place a Phantasmal Curse on all those that oppose you (and some of those that don’t!)
  • Make a deal with darkness by summoning Death Flowers from the very shadows!
  • Summon lost souls to haunt wherever you are.
  • Gives the new “Mark of the Black Dragon” moodlet that builds Energy and Hunger needs!
  • Talk to your dragon about your skills. It might have a tip or two for you!
  • All dragons make great friends. Feed, play with, and name your new baby dragon! Or just carry it around on your shoulder to show off to your friends!
  • Naming your dragon will keep townies from walking off with it!
Dragon Curse
Mark of the Armored Black Dragon
Dragon Bite
  • Talk to Egg…
  • Pick Up Egg
  • Put Down
  • Put in Inventory
  • Brag about Physical Prowess
  • Gossip about Love of Fire
  • Talk about Job
  • Talk about the Weather
  • Talk about Friends
  • Discuss the Egg Paradox
  • Plot against Enemies
  • Converse about Existentialism
  • Name
  • Carry
  • Fly
  • Feed
  • Play With
  • Talk to
  • Cast Phantasmal Curse On…
  • Summon Death Flower
  • Summon Ghost

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New Animations: Yes
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Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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