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Customize your My Page with Goodies!

Goodies let you express yourself and add a bit of color and personality to your My Page. There are badges for many Achievements (see BADGES) but you can also find badges in the store. Backgrounds let you personalize your avatar, and stickers are just for fun - to say a little about who you are or to give to your friends. Purchasing or gifting Goodies is easy - just visit The Sims3 Store and click on the My Goodies button to begin shopping with your SimPoints!

Your My Page shows off your Achievements and other Badges, lets you personalize your Avatar, and lets you express a little about yourself with Stickers. Badges can represent Achievements - these will automatically unlock when you’ve met the right criteria - or can be found in the Store as free gifts from the Sims team or as purchases to let you show your interests.

Adding stickers to your My Page is a great way to show off your interests. Pick the ones that seem like fun or gift them to your friends on special occasions (or just because!).

Backgrounds for your Avatar
Get a background for your avatar! With so many to choose from, you'll want to change your avatar for every new mood you are in!

You can be awarded badges for achievements, like in-game challenges or Treasure Hunts, but you can also buy badges in the Store, to show them off on your My Page. Badges are the perfect way to express your passion for The Sims 3. If a love for Freezer Bunny is your virtue, or craving grilled cheese is your vice, there is a badge for you. Gift a badge to your community friends to say Happy Birthday, Get Well, or Congratulations!